Why It's Special

Custom Logo 3D Engraving

Available in black or white right now. This is the highest from of individualization as the logo details appear crystal-sharp and you can actually feel it.

Unique Design Options

Anything is possible. We help you with the finetuning and give you free advice.

Matte-black Box

Our customs come fully packed in the matte black box, perfect to gift to someone special. Custom box options are possible, but require time to produce and don't make sense for under 10 balls usually. If you want the full premium experience though, hit us up and we make it possible.

The Best Custom Balls Out There

Create Your Very Own

From Company Decoration to a Unique Gift Idea. We got your back. With our Manufaktur Process we can push the limits of whats possible in a custom ball.

Custom Design & Logo Engraving

Chilli Mind

Custom Design

Unique Photography Design

Custom Design & Logo Engraving

Unique Office Ball

Custom Design & Logo Engraving

TheAmbition Team-Member Balls


Find an answer to the common questions about our custom balls:

As we don't have a dedicated customer support yet, I'm answering all requests for customs myself (Leo). So please excuse if answering takes a short whileAverage answer time: 24-48h

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