"Athlete or not, the ballsof Comrade Berlin are a pleasure for the eye."

Designed With Professional Athletes

Professional Player in Germany

Vince is a true-born Berlin basketball professional and actually was among the very first to provide feedback when developing our first ball prototypes - OG baller!

| Lamb Autrey

Professional Player in Czech League

Lamb is an All-Star in the Czech Basketball scene. As a natural extrovert, entertainer and wicked player, we had to meet him in Prague, get feedback and hoop.

| Lamb Autrey


A perfect match, as we needed feedback on our balls and they wanted a truly unique addition for their team photoshoot. So we teamed up and got the confirmation.

Local basketball team

Tested with professionals

Empfohlen von Spitzenathleten, erfüllen unsere exklusiven Basketbälle die höchsten Qualitätsstandards.

FREE Custom Ball Holder

Wir legen jedem Ball immer einen transparenten "Ball Holder" bei. Ideal für die Präsentation des Balls.

Premium Colour Quality

Unvergleichliche Farbbrillanz und Langlebigkeit dank unserer erstklassigen Drucktechnologie.